Painting Commissions

Some examples of items I can do custom paintings on are clothing (usually shirts/denim), instruments like ukuleles, fandom lightsticks, mirrors and more - I'm glad to experiment with any surface acrylic or fabric paint can be used on!

I use acrylic/fabric paints which are heat-set, but do expect the colour to dull or for it to get scratched off through wear and tear/cracking/etc., depending on your usage.

I don't do refunds. These are essentially unique art pieces which require a lot of time and effort; they are handmade and not perfect. Please ask all questions before purchase as all sales are final.

I'm based in Singapore and you will have to send me your item to be painted. Commissions may take ~2 weeks to complete, and I don't mind meeting up for collection if you are from SG.

For now, I take commission orders via DMs on my social media.

You can watch my painting process videos on TikTok!

You can contact me via Instagram DMs, or email me.